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Ashley, Dunedin Patch   
Pat is amazing. She is also so wonderful to talk to throughout the session and really cares about her clients.  She is highly trained and knowledgeable, which is why I chose her.  She will also teach you to help speed up  your progress.  I noticed improvement in my sleep after my first session and was hooked; however, results often take longer, so be patient.  I have a lot of health problems and have been going twice a week for a couple weeks. To name a few improvements: I have a had a large cyst  on my ovary that is  improving with reflexology.  I believe it is slowly draining.  Also, when I was 8, I was in a care wreck and my spleen was bleeding, but stopped so no surgery was needed.  When I went to one acupuncturist a few months ago before meeting Pat, I noticed a lot of my issues were related to the spleen, so I asked Pat about it.  She tells my spleen reflex was congested.  After a couple of weeks,it has slowly been  improving.  I have a long way to go, but his is the most optimistic I 've felt about my health in years. 
Ellen Brenner, Dunedin Patch 
Pat is the reflexologist's reflexologist!  As a certified reflexologist from another area, it is Pat I go to keep my own health in balance.  There is no one I trust more.  It is also Pat to whom I turn when I deepen my own practice.  As a master reflexologist, Pat is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, she is extraordinary gifted.  You are blessed to have her in your  community as a member of your regional health care team.
Chronic Fatigue Suffer (CFS) Finds Relief  
I am a 48 year old female who has suffered with CFS for about 25 years.  I have spent the last two decades searching, exploring, and experimenting with anything and everything, from the tangible to the spiritual, from the conventional to the esoteric.
I started seeing Pat about a month ago.  At the time, I did not know anything about reflexology.  My acupuncturist recommended her to me. 
The first thing I noticed was the warmth and love that seemed to exude from the core of her being.  As began to work on my feet, it was difficult for me to let go as I wanted to query her on the science behind the technique.  There were a few points on my feet that seemed particularly sensitive.  When I inquired what these points represented, she responded, "your adrenals".  Hm.  Adrenal fatigue has been the official diagnosis of my fatigue.  That certainly got my attention. 
The pleasurable aspects of the treatment cannot be overly stated.  Once I allowed myself to surrender to the process, I found myself in a space of complete bliss and total relaxation.  This is a state that does not come easy for me as my adrenals are in a constant state of hyper arousal.  CFS sufferers know the torture of being exhausted while simultaneously not being able to sleep. 
I have now had 4 treatments.  With each treatment, the sensitive adrenal points have become less and less sensitive.  After each treatment I find that I am energized enough to work a 10 hour shift effortlessly.  I also find I am able to have a great night's sleep.  I don't know if this a miracle "cure" yet, but I  am really starting to slowly increase my stamina.  For example I am able to write this review at 1:30 AM without any fatigue.
My overall assessment of this process has been exceptionally positive, both for the experience of pleasure and the therapeutic qualities.  I feel Pat is truly interested in increasing your quality of life through healing.  She merges intellect, with intuition and wraps it in a package of empathy, caring and love.  I am looking forward to my future appointments with the expectation that the best is to come.  Big thanks Pat.
Pre and Post Operative
When faced with yet another surgery I decided to do what I could to prepare by body. For 3 months prior to shoulder surgery I had a reflexology session every week and I continued this weekly for 2 months post surgery.  I suffer with severe joint pain on a regular basis and I had to come off all my medications 10 days prior to surgery to avoid excessive bleeding.  I firmly believe reflexology is what allowed me to tolerate the on-going pain and inflammation after discontinuing these medications. 
After surgery, my surgeon was absolutely floored when I returned in 10 days to tell him I had only taken 4 of the 80 pain pills he had prescribed and I had quite a significant range of motion before starting physical therapy.  At my 6 week check up he reiterated his surprise and stated, 'what I did prior to surgery, I should keep it up because it made a difference.'
I firmly believe the reflexology sessions in the pre-op state allowed me to better absorb the invasion of surgery.  Post-operative reflexology allowed me to resume daily life in a pain free state at a much faster pace than in the past.  I continue today with twice monthly sessions and believe my body is better able to handle the daily traumas that we each experience"    Peg B.
"Life is wonderful without a headache!"  Jim J.
"My sleep patterns have improved greatly, in turn my energy level is much higher.  After a number of reflexology sessions, I was finally relieved of the chronic pain in my lungs and chest area.  I no longer have the labored breathing discomfort I suffered with."  Heather A.
"I love the hand reflexology exercises, they have helped me greatly: stimulation, elimination  and sleep!  I woke up this morning feeling terrible after 2 very late nights and early morning risings with foolish foods to boot!  I was really sluggish and hurting.  I did the hand reflexology exercises twice and rubbed my feet across a reflex bar and low and behold I came awake, felt energized and my kidneys and bowels kicked in.  It gave me my day back!"  Diane C

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